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International Magazines Feature Hagerstown Aviation Museum


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C-82 and C-119 Homecoming Article is Included in April Edition of Air Classics Magazine Cover Story; British Magazine “Propliner” Covers Hagerstown Aviation Museum’s Flying Boxcars and Fairchild History; Also: New DVD Released by Hagerstown Aviation Museum; Upcoming Events Announced

(Hagerstown, MD — April 15, 2009) The first article in the April edition of Air Classics Magazine features the story of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. This five page lead article, along with nearly twenty photos, helps tell the story of how a simple idea to preserve Hagerstown’s aviation history has become a continuously growing reality. The article, “Saving Pegasus: Visiting the Hagerstown Aviation Museum” was penned by renowned aviation writer Ralph M. Pettersen. A respected author, Mr. Pettersen is a regular contributor to this forty-five year old magazine that is published in California and boasts the largest circulation of any aviation enthusiast’s monthly magazine. “While I didn’t know much about the museum, I had read about their impressive feat of acquiring and ferrying both a C-82A and C-119G from Greybull, Wyoming, to Hagerstown,” wrote Mr. Pettersen.

Photo of the C-119 Flying Boxcar Homecoming, November 2008

Also in April, the Hagerstown Aviation Museum is featured in Propliner, a respected aviation magazine from Great Britain. Published quarterly in Wiltshire, England, the magazine enthusiastically features the return of the C-82 and C-119 with over four pages of text and photographs of the museum’s entire collection and also information on the museum’s preservation of Fairchild and Hagerstown-built aircraft. The articles also detail the museum’s remarkable fund-raising efforts.

“To have the Hagerstown Aviation Museum featured in Air Classics Magazine is tremendous,” said Hagerstown Aviation Museum President Kurtis Meyers. “To also have the museum and our efforts covered in depth in a magazine published in England is incredible. We’ve been receiving phone calls and e-mails from all over the world.”

“The historic return of the C-119 was only possible because of the generous contributions of over 450 individuals throughout the Hagerstown community and beyond. To cover the remaining costs of repairing and returning the Flying Boxcar to Hagerstown, it was necessary for the museum to obtain a loan. To cover this additional expense, the museum is holding fundraisers and other events to continue to move the museum forward,” said Meyers.

“The museum is also raising funds through the sale of a recently released commemorative DVD, ’Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, Hagerstown Homecoming’,” said John Seburn, Treasurer of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum. “Ride along with the crew as they fly across the country and witness the emotional Hagerstown Homecoming on November 16th, 2008. The DVD captures the excitement of the five-day journey home with over 100 minutes of video footage and still images provided by over 20 volunteer videographers and photographers,” said Seburn. The new DVD can be purchased at museum events and through the museum’s web site

On April 23-26 the Hagerstown Aviation Museum will be initiating the first ever, “Aviation Show” at the Valley Mall. At Center Court the museum will have an historical display of photographs, artifacts and videos of Hagerstown’s aviation past. Museum books and DVD’s will be available to purchase. In addition, several local aviation businesses will participate in the event. We hope to grow this event into a mall-wide aviation extravaganza in the coming years.

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum has a display in Discovery Station in Downtown Hagerstown and its fleet of aircraft is in storage at Hagerstown Aircraft Services. “We want people to be able to see the museum’s collection of aircraft,” said Kurtis Meyers. “A Museum Open House is set for Sunday May 3, from noon until 5pm.” The event will be held at Hagerstown Aircraft Services behind Tony’s Pizza off Route 11. Watch for signs. Other events and fundraisers are planned for the Spring, Summer and Fall and updated information can be found at the museum’s website.

The Hagerstown Aviation Museum is a member of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau, for more information, see: The Hagerstown Aviation Museum has the largest collection of museum-owned aircraft of any Maryland aviation museum. The Hagerstown Aviation Museum has an extensive exhibit and display at the Discovery Station Museum in Downtown Hagerstown, located at 101 West Washington Street. At the Discovery Station exhibit, visitors can explore a collection of artifacts, memorabilia, exhibits and displays depicting the aviation heritage of the Hagerstown area, which for more than 70 years was the nation’s leading center of aircraft manufacturing. Pioneers in the design, testing and manufacturing of well known aircraft plied their trade in Hagerstown, and the first aircraft manufactured in Maryland, was made in Hagerstown

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